Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Liam’s Education

Before I start this, please realize it’s tongue in cheek.  Clearly this isn’t the most important thing in the world, and it’s really meant as a bit of a joke….I don’t take raising Liam lightly, but there are times when Andy and I joke back and forth about the things it will be important for him to know….and we often have different opinions on the goofier things..this is one of those things.

Now that Liam is a big bad three months old(yes…I’m a week late on that post…what can I say, my days of doing things in a timely manner are gone…I did have them, I remember…it was college, and I wrote down every assignment and due date for the semester in my mortarboard and color coded them according to class…then kept a running list of all assignments so I could cross them off when I turned them in….those days are gone).  Where was I?  Oh yeah…Liam.  3 months old.  It’s time for him to start learning some skills.

Specifically, some lady wooing skills.

He’s got it down now.  Ladies everywhere flock to him.  But gummy smiles and roly poly thighs can only get you so far in life.  Specifically, through the first few months of life. 

So he needs to learn some skills.  And his dad won’t be able to teach him.  His dad thinks that the food court at the mall is an appropriate first date.  And that Frisch’s Big Boy is a good place to go on Valentine’s Day (because we already drove past Bob Evans and who wants turn around?).  (Also, when did we turn 90?)  So clearly his dad is out on the lady wooing education.  Which leaves me.  So today we started step one.

Learn all of Dave Barnes’s best lady wooing songs.  It’s a good repertoire to have.  Hopefully he’ll inherit his dad’s singing and gi-tar skills, and with those songs he’ll be a lady wooer.  In.no.time.  Heck, he might even be able to get away with Frisch’s Big Boy.  But he’d better not try.

(This is all I’ve got.  I don’t have a step two at this point.  I’ll figure that out later.)

So without further ado, Liam’s first lady wooing playlist (there are more….more from Dave even, but since is only 3 months old, I’m starting him slow and giving him a chance to take his time….we’ll get to Nothing Fancy, On a Night Like This, and Since You Said I Do next month):

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