Thursday, August 25, 2011

Liam’s New Books

I really want Liam to be a reader.  I don’t want him to be a television/video game junkie—I want him to read and to want to read.  And so I try to read with him a little each day.  He has a sweet little library, and we rotate through his books pretty regularly, but Mommy needed a few new books.  As I was talking to my mom today (Grandma and Granddad and Aunt Lauren came to visit) I was reminded that I wanted to find a few new books for Liam.  So here are Liam’s new books—and the best part is that I only spent about 25 dollars for all six books.

1. Green Eggs and Ham—this was Andy’s favorite as a child, and I wanted Liam to have his own copy

2. Dr. Suess’s ABC—He already has the other alphabet version of the Bright and Early Board books—and he loves hearing letter sounds sounded out

3.Sheep in a Jeep

4.Brown Bear Brown Bear What do you see?—I love Eric Carle…love him.

5. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

6. Big Board First 100 Words

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Anonymous said...

Remember Christmas is coming and Grandma loves buying books, so don't buy too much!!!!

Shannon E said...

I still tell the story of our 5th grade reading days... trying to get the most minutes! I can't believe how much free time we used to have to be able to read that many hours in a week. We'll have to have our boys compete too, I think it was good for us! Liam can get an extra few minutes since he's a year younger :)

Ashley said...

Mom--I'm good until Christmas, his new books are all we needed for the next few months :)

Shannon--I know...right? I basically read every waking hour on Saturdays for all of fifth grade. And I love the idea of having the boys compete :) The loser has to send the winner a new book!