Saturday, August 13, 2011

I didn’t know going to the groomer’s was dangerous

I got an injury at the groomer's.  It's not Ollie's fault.  He got scared.  This ill-mannered female wretch named Muffy tried to bite him in the face and attack him.  Muffy and her flaky old people owner's pulled in as I was getting Liam out of the car.  Muffy got loose in the parking lot.  Her flaky old people owner's caught her, and then went inside and just stood in the entrance.  I purposely stalled in the parking lot for a few seconds getting the boys out (and you know, I was pretty slow...since I had a baby and a dog and all) so that they would hopefully not be right in the doorway when I got up there.  No such luck.  Muffy turned and started growling at Ollie....Ollie’s groomer was right in there and she helped me get around the flaky old people into the more open spot when you walk in....where I could put Liam's carseat down out of the way so he was safe.  Ollie was trying to get away from everyone, and tried to jump on me for safety and scratched the crap out of my thigh. The worst of the scratches is like the length of my hand and kind of blood is at the surface but not pouring out. It hurts.  He wouldn't leave me, so his groomer got down and started talking to him....he went with her, but he looked so he thought he was in trouble.  His head and ears were down and he was slouching.  Then Liam and I made our way safely outside, staying far away from Muffy's flaky old people owners.

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