Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Week in our lives: Tuesday

Tuesday was fairly uneventful, as many of our days are.  So here it is:

6 AM: Liam is up.  Andy feeds him, puts him back to bed.

8 AM: Andy leaves for work, Liam is up for the day.  I get up, get him, and take care of the dogs.  Liam and I play for a while, and I try to feed him at about 9

9 AM: Liam takes his first bottle, and drinks about 3/4 of it before refusing to finish.  This becomes the theme of the rest of the day.  I put him down for a nap.

9:25 I shower, start laundry, do dishes, and pick up the living room/kitchen.  I really want to stay in my pajamas today, but I force myself to get dressed.  I don’t allow myself more than one pj day a week, and I put my jams back on Sunday after church, so that’s out this week.  Type out the Monday post and catch up on the blogs I read.  Start to read my library book.  And have my coffee (with peppermint mocha creamer)

11:00 Fed-Ex drops off the sewing machine I ordered.  I really want to re-learn how to sew.  I was never really great at it because my mom usually got aggravated with me and ended up finishing my 4-H projects (shh..that’s a secret), but I want to be able to do basic stuff.  Oliver and Keegan lose their ever loving minds and wake Liam up.

11:15 Liam plays on his floor while I clean up his bedroom.  We play peek-a-boo while I fold laundry.  Then we read his library books again and play with toys.

11:50-12:30 I attempt to feed Liam.  He screams and refuses to eat.  He gets maybe 3 ounces.  I lay him down for a  nap.  He screams.

12:50 Andy gets home.  He decided he wanted donuts for lunch, so he went to Marzipan, the bakery at the end of the street.  I eat two donuts…lunch of champions.

1:00 Andy is able to get Liam to drink 4 oz. of formula and he puts him down for a nap.  Liam falls asleep after about five minutes of protest.  I prep 2 pie pumpkins for the oven.  The seeds get sorted out and rinsed and the pumpkins get roasted.

1:30 Andy heads back to work, and I finish making sure the house looks decent before Tiffany comes over to borrow a sweater.  I also watch The Good Wife on during this time.  The mail came and Liam got a package from his grandparents—a book, a letter and a homemade sleepsack!!

2:00 Liam’s up.  We play a bit and at 2:30 he’s acting hungry, so I’m able to get him to take a bottle.  We continue to play for a while, and I put him down for a nap at 3:15.  We also talked to my dad during this time.

3:15 I watch 2 Broke Girls on

3:50 Tiffany gets here.  Both dogs lose their ever-loving minds.  Keegan loves her instantly, Ollie is more hesitant.  After a few minutes, he warms up to her.  We hang out for a while.

4:10 Liam wakes up, again.  No good afternoon nap for this boy.  He comes and hangs out with us.

5:30 Andy gets home, I’m still hanging out with Tiffany.  She leaves about 5:45 and I start dinner while Andy feeds Liam.

6:00 I cannot cook pork chops to save my life.  They have been cooking forever and still aren’t finished.  This has been a common occurrence lately, and I am getting frustrated.  I pureed the pumpkin and put some in the freezer for Liam, and save some for pumpkin bread (Andy requested that I give Liam the larger amount because he wants him to have the “real” stuff instead of the canned/jar stuff).  I let Liam lick a smidge of puree off my finger—he seems to like it.  Certainly more than he liked the taste of banana I gave him last week.  I toast the pumpkin seeds.  And just generally get aggravated with the pork chops.

6:15 Pork chops are still cooking (shoot me now).  They start to burn, so we have to start the vent fan and pull them off the stove.  Andy and I give Liam a bath. 

6:45 Liam’s out of the bath, and I work on getting his pj’s on.  Oliver poops on Liam’s rug (seriously, he never does this…and he’s done it twice this week).  Andy finishes with Liam, I clean up Oliver’s mess.  Liam goes to bed.  Then I get dinner finished and the pumpkin frozen.

7:15 We finally eat dinner.  I want to throw my pork chop out the window I’m so mad at it.  We also taste test the pumpkin seeds—yum!  Andy gives Ollie one and he tries to dive into Andy’s bowl to get more.

7:30 Andy falls asleep on the sofa.  I watch Big Bang Theory online and email Andy’s dad.  At about 9:30, I go to bed for the night…Andy’s still on the sofa.  He makes it to bed sometime in the middle of the night.  Poor Ollie ends up sleeping alone on the sofa because Keegan took up so much room in bed.

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