Monday, October 24, 2011

A week in our lives: Sunday

I have seen several blogs that do a detailed week in the life post, and I always think they are fun. I thought I would document this week so I can remember it later, when Liam starts walking or we have a second child, and I can look back and reminisce about how easy life is right now.

6:30 Liam wakes up, Andy takes the first feeding. I stay in bed. Oliver and Keegan both find ways to snuggle with me. Ollie crawls on my pillow and puts his face in my face. Keegan curls up under the covers into my stomach. We stay there until Andy gets back. If Liam wakes up before 7, he will generally go right back to sleep after eating.

6:50 Andy comes back to bed for a while.

7:30 The alarm starts going off. Andy is leading worship at church this week, so he has to be there early. He doesn’t get up until 8:00.

8:00 We both get up. Andy showers and races to church. I feed the dogs, take them to the bathroom, and shower/get ready. I get the diaper bag packed, the tithe check ready, and everything at the front door.

9:05 Liam wakes up for real. I change his diaper and dress him for church. He then takes a bottle and we are ready to go.

9:40 We leave for church. As we’re driving, Andy sees Titan, his boss’s dog, running behind Walgreens. We pull over and call her to let her know where he is.

10:00 Church starts. Andy’s up front leading. Liam ends up sitting with our dentist for a while, and he has a blast. About the time the sermon starts, though, he begins to fuss, so I take him to the nursery. I told them to page me if he got angry like last week, and I ended up sitting just outside the sanctuary for the remainder of the service in case they paged me. They didn’t—he did just fine. He played with the nursery worker and had a good time with his future best friends. After service while we were visiting, Ben tried to crawl into the carseat on top of Liam. Then he just rocked Liam’s carseat back and forth.

11:10 We grabbed a quick lunch at Taco Bell, which ended up being a mistake for my digestive system.

11:15 We got home, Liam was asleep in his carseat. We ate quickly and I went to Wal-mart to get our groceries and some Halloween pumpkins.

11:30 At Wal-Mart—I ran into SEVERAL former students, the store was busy, but not uncomfortably busy.

12:45 Get back home, unpack everything and put it all away. Liam has just gone down for a real nap, he woke up right after I left earlier and hung out with Andy and ate. I also peeled a sweet potato and put it in the crock pot to make sweet potato puree baby food for Liam. He starts solids in a few weeks, and I’ve been working to get the freezer stocked.

1:30 Take both dogs to the bathroom.

After that, Andy and I settled in and watched some television for a while. I cleaned up the living room, started painting Ollie and Keegan’s pumpkin, put some black eyed peas on to soak and blended the sweet potatoes during this time. Liam also woke up and hung out with us for bit. I did a fall photo shoot with Liam outside with pumpkins and leaves.

5:00 I decide to also make green bean baby food using the crock pot.

5:10 Clean the kitchen, fix Liam a bottle. Andy feeds him while I work on the kitchen. We play with Liam and the dogs for a while. We all crowded onto the activity mat and hung out. Liam is flailing his arms and hitting Andy all over.

6:30 I realize I didn’t plug the crock pot in. Plug it in now. Order pizza from Pizza Hut, using up the last of my gift card from Mariah from when Liam was born. Also a bad idea digestive system wise. Feed the dogs.

6:50 Liam gets his last bottle, puts on his pajamas, and heads off to bed shortly after 7.

7:00 Andy and I watch Parks and Recreation on Netflix and wait for our pizza to arrive.

7:25 Our pizza arrives, we eat. Andy leaves to go play video games online with some friends.

7:40 I put a butternut squash in the oven to cook for Liam food.

8:00 I start working on Liam’s Halloween costume. I have a few missteps, but it is coming together. I do this while watching more episodes of Parks and Rec because it is a sickness. Also, the dogs go to the bathroom.

8:40 Turn off the crock pot and pull the squash out of the oven.

9:00 Liam wakes up. This never happens. His fan got unplugged and he didn’t have his white noise. He is hysterical, and can’t settle in easily. I give him another bottle and change his diaper and eventually get him to settle back down.

9:30 Puree the green beans and squash. Freeze the squash in ice cube trays. Put the green beans in the fridge…they need the food processor, but it’s too loud.

9:40 Back to the costume/Parks and Rec

10:30 Finish the costume—the bitty boy can be a dinosaur.

11:00 Andy and I start to watch an episode of Breaking Bad. It’s painfully boring and I fall asleep.

Midnight—Finally to bed.

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