Sunday, October 23, 2011

Random Snippets :)

Things with Andy’s dad are about the same.  He’s been awake a small amount this past day or so for the first time since Tuesday.  Things are basically holding steady at this point—still serious, but probably not critical.

Keegan has settled in to being at our house.  It’s likely he will be here for quite a while.  He will definitely be here until Andy’s dad is home from the hospital at the very least.  He seems to be enjoying his time, and he and Ollie are getting along well.  He’s getting more used to Liam, too, which is good.  He started trying to get into Liam’s toys this weekend, so I’m training him to leave baby toys alone the way I had to train Oliver.

Speaking of Liam’s toys, I was reading this month’s issue of Baby Talk (yay for free magazine subscriptions) and they had their “best of 2011 toy list in it…there was some seriously cute stuff.  This Poppity Pop Musical Dino, the way cute Rusty the Robot from Lamaze—Liam loves both the Lamaze toys he has, this Hug and Hide Activity Owl (if only they made a giraffe….just kidding, Andy keeps making fun of the number of giraffe toys Liam has….I think he’s up to four or five), and this Roll and Chase Bumblebee for when he starts crawling in a few months were my favorites.

I bought the stuff for Liam’s Halloween costume today.  It cost me a whopping forty cents.  Technically .60, but I didn’t need one piece.  He’s going to be a dinosaur.  I found a tutorial online that I’m going to adapt.  Liam as a green and navy blue one piece outfit from Old Navy that has a hood, and I’m going to loosely sew red felt dinosaur spikes down the back..and after Halloween, I can just pull the seam out, and remove the spikes.

I also got our pumpkins today.  I am going to decorate one for Andy and I, one for Keegan and Ollie (I decided since Keegan will be here, he is part of the family too), and one for Liam.  I’ll take pictures when they are done.

I also did a fall photo shoot with Liam today…once Andy edits the pictures, I’ll post them too!

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