Friday, October 21, 2011

Christmas List

Since Lauren already posted her wish list, I thought I’d go ahead and do mine (technically ours, I guess, since I’m doing Andy and Liam too).  I like to give more options than my sister, who chose toilet paper and socks to go on her Christmas list.  This was way fun to figure out during naptime over the past few days…just don’t look at the floors or laundry in my house right now :) 

ANDY—I already gave my sister two ideas for Andy that I won’t post here

A programmable thermostat, like this one.  It’s currently listed about 16 dollars higher than it was a week ago.  It’s price seems to change every day on Amazon, but it has primarily been in the 60 doll-68 dollar range.

Season Six and/or Season Seven of The Office.  We have the first five, but I dropped the ball on buying the last two, and Andy doesn’t like having an incomplete collection.  Also, Target usually has these on sale once every few weeks/months or so.

 jeans (34 x 32—the dark wash or the gray)

New shirts…slim cut size large dress shirt.  Plaid or striped…some sort of pattern.  Old Navy has some that are nice…also, Kohls.

LIAM—Doesn’t need a blessed thing. 

But I know that won’t fly, so here are some ideas :)

Board books (his favorite right now)

Music (he’s a big fan of kid’s music things….he has a Clifford cd that he adores)

Blocks, wooden puzzles, balls—things he will be able to start enjoying in the coming months

And a few IKEA links for good measure….in case you’re visiting my sister in Chicago and make a trip :)

And any of the puppets they have there as well

ASHLEY—like Liam, I really don’t need anything.

But there are always things I like :)

Ceramic egg crate for jewelery 

SNL Best of Amy Poehler—because I love her

Paper shredder

Any of the belts at Charlotte Russe—I like wearing them to pull in shirts at the small part of my waist to hide the part where I’m still carrying baby fat—I especially like the skinny belts

Any of the following jewelery—I like them all…one or any would be great :)

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