Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Week in our lives: Monday

Totally typed lies instead of lives the first time…that post would have a very different feel to it.

4:50 Liam wakes up. This is really unusual and very rarely happens. It seems as though he hit his soothing giraffe on something and turned on the play sounds and woke himself up. I held him while Andy fixed his bottle. Andy fed him, I went back to bed. Andy kept asking questions, so I may as well have been up. I have really awful heartburn at this point. Once Liam’s finished, Andy puts him back to bed.

7:50 Andy gets up for work. He leaves at 8, and Liam promptly wakes up. I get up with Liam and the boys. I feed and change Liam. Then I take the dogs out and feed them. Liam and I play on his activity mat for a while. When he starts acting tired, I put him down for a nap.

9-11 Liam’s morning nap. I play on the computer, take a shower, get dressed, and pick up the living room during this nap. I was having a very lazy morning.

11:00 Liam wakes up. I feed and change him. He comes with me to our bedroom, where we make the bed. The sheets had been in the laundry, and the bed needed to be made. Ollie tries to play hide and seek in the sheets. Liam is on the floor on his activity mat, and he’s having a blast chatting with me. I go ahead and pick up our room and hang up wayward laundry as well.

11:50 Into the kitchen. Liam is in his Bumbo and watching me work. I puree his green beans in the food processor and put them in the freezer. I also start a pot of black eyed peas. I take the butternut squash out of the ice cube trays and into a ziploc. Then I do all of the dishes.

12:30 Feed the dogs, take them out. Get Liam ready for Bible study.

12:45 Leave to go to Bible study

1:00 Arrive at Bible study, find out it’s cancelled. Stand and talk to Kellie for about 35 minutes in her driveway. Liam was asleep, but woke up. Stayed content in his car seat.

1:35 Leaving the cancelled Bible study, decide to go to the library since we’re close. Liam was asleep when we arrived, but he woke up on the way in. I pay an overdue fine and check out two books of my own. Liam checks out three, his very first library books!! He got Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Skippyjon Jones goes Up and Down, and Thomas and Friends: A Crack in the Track

2:30 We finally got home. I feed and change Liam, and put him down for a nap.

2:30-4:15 Liam’s nap. During his nap, I spray paint two pumpkins (Andy and Ashley pumpkin and Ollie and Keegan pumpkin), decorate Liam’s pumpkin, finish the black eyed peas, start a vegetable beef soup for supper, and type out the Sunday blog post. I ate two handfuls of almonds..my first food of the day. My stomach was off from the food yesterday and I wasn’t hungry.

4:15 Liam’s up, and gets clean pants. We read his library books, and then have a dance party using the Pink station on Pandora…because every little boy needs to listen to Pink, Avril,and Rihanna. My dad calls and I talk to him. Andy got home really shortly after 5, which never happens. He went out to blow leaves and cut the grass. Liam and I stayed inside and hung out. I tried to put Liam down at about 5:45 for a short pre-bed nap. He wasn’t having it. I think he’s giving up his early evening nap in favor of just the morning and afternoon naps.

6:30 I feed and pajama Liam and put him to bed at about 6:54. Andy finishes the lawn at 6:45 and takes a shower. At 7 we both sit down and eat while watching an episode of Running Wilde. I got really sick to my stomach after dinner, and felt awful for about an hour. After that, we watched an episode of Breaking Bad, and then Andy went to his office.

8:40 I look up some baby food stuff online, try to figure out a feeding Liam travel plan (since we are on the road so much right now, it’s a valid concern). I also watch a few episodes of The Office.

10:00 I head to bed early, because I have been so miserable lately. The dogs do a passive agressive fight to figure out who sleeps where. Basically, Ollie tries to snuggle with me, which is normal. Keegan crowds Ollie until he gets mad and leaves and pouts, and Keegan swoops in to snuggle. It takes them a long time to settle down at night.

1:50 Liam wakes up. Again—it has been WEEKS since this was happening. There was no discernable reason for him to be up, but he was. I fed him and diapered him and put him back to bed. Both dogs decide to wake up and want to go out. I take them both out, then get back to bed. At this point, I was awake, and didn’t fall asleep until after 3.

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