Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our children


I adore these boys.  I think they are both way fun, and I cannot wait for the day when they can play together.  I have often wondered how Ollie will play with Liam, and we got our answer a few weeks ago, when Oliver fell in love with Theodore and played with him for a long time.  So many thanks to Shannon for allowing her son to be a guinea pig for our dog…again :)

Liam and Ollie have a weird relationship right now.  Liam basically only grabs things and puts them in his mouth or yanks really hard.  Ollie doesn’t understand that, and inevitably ends up with a yanked beard or some of his hair inside Liam’s mouth.  He’s sweet about it, and tries to gingerly step back to GET THE HECK AWAY FROM THE KID WHO KEEPS YANKING HIS HAIR.  He will still lay down next to him, or, as you can see here, bring his toys to Liam and lay them down with him.  I think he’s trying to share his toys so that maybe he can play with Liam’s, but I’m not sure about that.  And he’s still not allowed to play with Liam’s toys…and he knows it, he just doesn’t always obey.

Today, though, something sweet happened.  Ollie was playing with the giraffe Jon and Carrie gave him.  He was doing his patented Oliver move, which is really just to put the toy in his teeth and shake his head violently until he gets dizzy.  Liam was doing some tummy time while Ollie was do the headshake….and Liam became enthralled with it.  Every time Oliver shook, Liam laughed.  Liam’s laughter made Oliver more excited, and he shook again, harder.  And Liam laughed harder.  They did this for close to a minute, and it was the sweetest thing.  Liam was totally in love with Ollie—he thought he was so entertaining.  And Ollie was thrilled to have an audience.  It made my heart so very happy.  I just can’t wait for them to grow up together!

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