Monday, October 10, 2011

Catch Up

My favorite days in elementary school were catch up or “ketchup” days…because I was never behind, so I got to do fun stuff all day long.  Today is a “ketchup” day in our house.  Only this time, I actually am a little behind….but it’s okay.  It’s nothing a day of pajamas and chores won’t fix.  So let’s “ketchup” here.

--Andy’s dad’s surgery was Friday.  It went really well.  He is recovering well—in fact, the nurses have named him one of the best patients ever.  He has been up and walking around the block (the hospital block..not a city block) and sitting up and generally impressing the hospital staff.  He should be moved out of Critical Care today, and he MIGHT even be able to go home tomorrow.  I got to see him for a few minutes yesterday while my mother-in-law and sister-in-law pushed Liam around in his stroller on the first floor of the cancer center, and I was surprised at how good he looked considering his lung had just been removed 48 hours earlier.

--We were obviously in Indy all weekend, and I cannot thank my mom and dad enough.  My mom took the day off on Friday and they came and hung out with Liam and I.  We ran errands in Indy and I had a blast with them.  Saturday and Sunday proved to be long days with Liam, and I am super thankful that Friday was not like that….totally thanks to my sweet parents!

--About now, I’m going to start getting goofy.  Just be warned.  It’s sleep deprivation.

--Liam is five months old today.  I seriously don’t know how that happened.

--Liam woke up twice with nightmares last night.  At least, that’s what we assume.  When he gets really worn out and sleep deprived, he wakes up in the night screaming.  Only he’s not awake.  His eyes are closed and he’s asleep and he’s screaming his head off.  The only cure for this is more sleep.  We usually give him a bottle (he took his bottle from me while still asleep….he never opened his eyes….I’m not sure about the one Andy gave him).  And so today, I won’t take him anywhere, and I’ll work to make sure he gets LOTS of sleep.  This is the only thing that helps.  So….I’m going to miss Bible study today,and I won’t get groceries until Andy comes home tonight.  But it’s okay.  I’m thankful that our schedule allows for things like this.  This would be so much harder if I was working.  It’s totally worth the whole no money thing :)

--Holiday creamers are out.  Oliver is as excited as I am, apparently. He just started licking the inside of an empty mug that had International Delight’s White Chocolate Raspberry.  Then he grabbed the mug in his teeth and took off with it. 

--My goal is to be finished with all of our Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving.  I’m right on track.  I have all of Liam’s gifts, except the ones I am making…and I plan to start them this week.  I have Andy’s sister and her fiance figured out (I am seriously excited about my idea for them…I just hope they like it as much as I do).  I have my in-laws figured out and half purchased.  I think I have my sister figured out…I just need to check my list.  I think I have Andy pretty well figured out….now I just need to figure out my parents.

--The best part about Liam’s gifts is that I have paid little for them.  I ordered a case of diapers last week from, and since it was my first order, I got something like 15 dollars off.  So in order to get free shipping, I added a board book and a set of foam bathroom letters and it was still less than the case of diapers originally.  Then, I had gone through our bookshelves a few weeks ago, and sold back several things to Amazon that we weren’t using (some college textbooks, some books that we had read but wouldn’t reread, things like that….we are working hard to declutter our house), so they gave me a credit to use….and I spent part of it on the rest of Liam’s gifts.  Then, for his ball, football, and shapes I am going to attempt to make…I just bought two cheap bedsheets at Wal Mart that are cute and I will sew all of the toys out of them.

--If you are my sister and you need a study break this week, you might go to Target and check out the clearance racks.  They have some sleeveless tops that a little fancier that would work under sweaters/cardigans on sale for cheap.  I got a cute black and a cute white shirt for something like 3 or 4 dollars each. 


Anonymous said...

I think God is walking with JOHN giving him strength give thanks

Snap, Crackle & Pop said...

I don't need any study breaks, but I will gladly take one. I tried finding them but I couldn't find what you were talking about. If you could send me a link to one of them, I would love you forever and three days.