Friday, October 28, 2011

A Week in our lives: Thursday

7:00 Liam slept in!  Woohoo!  Andy fed him and put him back down, which I was certain would not work.  But it eventually did.  He fell asleep, and didn’t wake up until 9.  I got up at 8 and did some stuff around the house (dishes, straightened table, etc)

9:00 Liam woke up, and he and I played.  I read him a few stories and putzed about the house.  I think I might have swept the kitchen floor? 

10:00 Liam’s back down after a bottle and diaper change.  I shower and get ready, then read my library book for a bit.

11:30 Liam’s back up.  He eats some oatmeal.  We hang out some more, I take the dogs out,and we get ready to go.

12-2 Lunch with Mary Jo and Mandy and their kids.  We have a great time being out, and Liam comes home sleepy.

2-3 Liam naps.  I read some more, vow to finish said library book today.

3:00 Liam wakes up.  We hang out some more, have a dance party and play with toys.  He is now reaching for toys and playing with them while on his stomach.  He won’t roll over, but he’ll play with toys until he’s tired and puts his head down and screams.

4:30 I try to lay Liam down for a short nap, he won’t have it.  Even after a bottle  So we keep hanging out, and I become the tired bad mom who turns on the tv.  We watch Jimmy Fallon and Revenge while playing with toys.

5:30 Andy’s home.  He plays with Liam while I finish dinner (I put it in the crock pot during an earlier nap time).  We eat.

6:00 Liam goes down for a brief nap.  He sleeps about 20 minutes.  We watch Breaking Bad, and finish all the Netflix episodes.

7:00 Liam gets rinsed off in the bath, his pajamas on, and put to bed.  He fusses for a while, which is somewhat uncommon for bedtime.  Andy and I hang out until about 8:30

8:30 Andy’s off being a dork, I watch Running Wilde and Parks and Recreation.  I make a Christmas list for Andy (I have all of his gifts purchased…mine will arrive the day after Christmas….this is the norm :)).  I put the second coat of spray paint on our pumpkins out in the garage….I’m cutting it close on these…I’ll have to let them stay for a week or so into November just so we can enjoy them.  I also ordered a personalized Christmas ornament for Oliver off of’s a little bone with his name on it, and it was only 8 dollars WITH shipping and handling.  I haven’t decided about Liam’s yet.

Midnight: I’m still up, looking at Christmas trees and looking up a few other things.  Andy decides he wants McDonalds, and I stupidly agree to eat a McDouble.  And I spent the rest of the night trying to sleep with a stomachache.   

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps Liam is telling you he is ready for more solid food and is getting ready to be awake longer??