Thursday, July 28, 2011


--We’re surviving.  That’s about it right now.  My entire body aches and I think my hips might be so out of socket that they are in separate zip codes.  Liam’s had a rough week (I have a call into his doctor…I have my suspicions on what is causing his problems…I’ll tell you if I find out I’m right)(you know, because I diagnose my child on the internet….I was right when I had PUPPPS during pregnancy….and when he had bad gas and constipation….so at least I’m not a hypochondriac-diagnoser) which means we’ve all had a rough week.

--School starts next week at the corporation I used to teach in.  It’s weird to not be preparing.  I walked down the school supplies aisle at Wal-Mart last night for old times sake…I would have smelled a notebook if I didn’t think the people around me would think I was crazy.

--A student who graduated from the high school I taught at is going to be one of the designers on this season of Project Runway, which starts tonight.  I hope it’s on Hulu tomorrow.  His name is Gunnar Deatherage, and I taught his younger brother my first year…I hope he doesn’t get eliminated too early….people in town are really excited about this.  Here’s a link to an article in the local paper about it.

--Sometimes I miss having cable.  There have been a few times lately.  But, I found a new show on Netflix—Army Wives.  I’m for real in love with it….I’ll be out of Netflix episodes soon (which is disturbing, because there are a lot)(in my defense, my child screams unless he is lying tummy to tummy at a 45 degree angle for many hours a day…so I watch tv during many of those many hours)(also my brain isn’t capable of much more than that)(last week I wrote a check to the hospital and I wrote the correct amount in the top and a totally different amount in the part where you spell out the number…they had to mail it back to me and ask me to fix it).  I saw that the latest season of Army Wives is available on Amazon for something like 12 dollars….it’s not on Netflix yet…and I think I have ten dollars in gift cards…so I think I’m going to order it.

--This is insanely boring.  Sorry.  I am just not interesting right now.  All I really do is soothe crying, change diapers, and feed a baby.

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