Friday, July 8, 2011


First—Happy Birthday Mom!!!  We love you!!  (Dad, sorry I missed you..but we love you too!) EDIT—I typed this on your birthday, Mom…I just forgot to post it

And now for a random sampling of things going on in these hereabouts. 

-Liam had his first roadtrip.  We went to Andy’s parents house for Friday-Sunday (well….Friday night through way early Sunday afternoon).  The ride there was great…back was a little tougher.  Oliver panted the whole two hours both ways.  Liam woke up about an hour from home and screamed for 25 minutes.  We pulled over to feed him, and he pooped big time…almost a blowout bigtime.  Andy changed his diaper on a garbage bag in the backseat of the car. 

-Liam has been having some stomach problems the past few weeks, and we switched his bottle/formula this week.  It really seems to be helping—he’s happy and smiling instead of crying and screaming.  Last night we got to play with him instead of taking turns carrying him over our shoulders and walking for hours through the house.  Needless to say, we’ve been pretty much zombie-fied for the past few weeks.

-Oliver is getting really snuggly…with Andy.  He’s pretty annoyed with me most of the time.  I think he’s jealous of Liam, but I keep trying to tell him I still love him….but he prefers Andy.  It’s okay.  Liam likes me better.  For now.  Once he realizes Andy’s cooler than me, he’ll change his mind too :)

-I had a mocha coconut Frappaccino this weekend.  It was amazeballs.  Seriously.  As good as I remember it from Freiburg.  The calories, however, did not help with losing the baby weight.

-I keep telling myself that things will settle down to a normal, and that it has to get better, because people knowingly and willingly have more than one child.  If they felt the way I do right now, that would never happen :) (Actually….after Liam got his new formula and we were able to play with him rather than spend hours soothing him, Andy decided that we might be able to have another baby in the future.  The very distant future.  This mama had a rather traumatic go-around and needs a few years to get over it :)

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Anonymous said...

Lots of love coming your way you guys will have a lot of new normals coming your way it's part of life enjoy every minute of it!