Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Liam at two months

Bitty Boy,

This has been a big month for you! 

Your stats: you are in a size 1 diaper when you wear disposables, but once we get through the last few we have, we’ll be switching you to a 2.  You peed through a 1 this morning and needed an outfit change at church, and it was suggested that you probably need to switch diaper sizes.  Hopefully you stay in the 2s longer…since we received two cases of those as shower gifts.

Length and weight: 12 lbs. 7.5 oz and 23.5 inches long.  75th percentile all the way.

You have outgrown some clothing—a pair of jammies and a few 0-3 month outfits from the Baby Gap.  You have a 0-3 months things or 3 month things from other brands that still fit fine, but you do wear a lot of 3-6 mos. clothing…..but still that’s because you have more of those than others.

Your thrush finally cleared up, but we replaced it with a lot of stomach problems.  Your formula was making you miserable.  Mommy and Daddy had to carry you over our shoulder constantly and walk with you to help you feel better.  We had a few very long weeks, with some very long nights.  We switched your formula and your bottle and you seem to be doing a lot better—I hope it stays that way because it’s so hard to see you so sad and in pain.

You are starting to become very social.  You show us your sweet little smile and you talk to us with your little coos.  You shout for mommy when you want attention.  You follow your toys and you can hold onto things when we put them in your hand.  You are becoming a little person—a sweet baby rather than a newborn.  You very much like attention and you have started rebelling against sleeping.  It’s getting hard to get you to fall asleep sometimes…you don’t want to miss out on any fun, so you fight sleep.

Today was a big day.  You went into the church nursery for the first time—not to stay, but to have a diaper change, an outfit change, and a feeding.  Then you fell asleep about an ounce into your bottle.  I brought you back to service just in time for the message, and you slept through most of it.  We decided to go to lunch at Tapatio’s with a lot of friends, so I gave you  the rest of your bottle before we left.  You slept through most of lunch, but then you woke up screaming.  You didn’t need to eat, you just didn’t want to be in your carseat.  Daddy and I were trapped in the back of the table, so Mr. Randy took you and walked with you.  He has the magic touch.  I’ve seen him sooth many babies with his magic walk, and you were no different.  You conked right out and then Ms. Christy held you for awhile….if they hadn’t ridden the motorcycle to church today, we many not have been able to bring you home.

Bitty Baby, I can’t believe how much you have grown and changed this month—you are totally a baby now and not just a newborn.  A sweet, happy, smiley, little squishy baby.

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