Monday, July 18, 2011

It’s his heritage

So remember on Friday when I suggested that someday Liam might grow up and choose to put the wig on his own child?  Well, my very sweet mother-in-law scanned this in and sent it to us:


Yup.  Same wig….well, from the same place.  Liam wore the blonder of the two, Andy’s wearing the brunette wig.  It belonged to Andy’s grandparents…they dressed up one Halloween and came to “trick” the family when Andy was about 16 months old.

And because he’s Andy, he did this to the two pictures:


Yup.  That’s our bitty boy’s face spliced with his daddy’s.  Charming, I know.  There is also this gem, with the bitty boy’s face on his dad’s body:


What can I say?  I mean really…I don’t know.  That may be because it’s 7:30 in the morning and I’ve been awake for two hours because my child has gone on a sleep strike and refuses to nap or sleep for appropriate amounts of time and instead smiles and giggle-coos at me when I try to convince him that appropriate sleep is important.  And his father (the man from whom he inherited these awful sleep habits) has recently (as in since Liam’s birth) has decided that he really likes to sleep and that there is such a thing as an “appropriate amount” for work.  Thank goodness for caffeine. 

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