Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Officially Unemployed

So As of this morning, I am officially unemployed.  I handed in my resignation letter, turned in my keys, and said a tearful farewell to teaching.  I wish I was kidding about that last part, but I definitely did get choked up while talking to my principal, and cried a little.  I loved my job—my coworkers, my students, just being a teacher.  But I love being Liam’s mom even more.  And I know myself.  I would make myself miserable trying to do well at both, and I wouldn’t be able to give either the attention and time it deserved.  So this is better.  It’s a real leap of faith for us financially.  Andy doesn’t have health insurance through work, so we have to pay for own now, .  I definitely feel like this is the right choice, so we are praying and trusting that God will provide.   

So for the first time since I was entering preschool, I won’t be getting ready for the start of the school year, and my schedule won’t be run around a school calendar.  That’s kind of a weird feeling.

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