Friday, July 15, 2011

Sometimes daddy likes to do mean things to the bitty baby

Also titled: He will not think this is funny when he is fifteen.

Or perhaps: If he’s anything like his daddy, he’ll do it to his own children someday


In the interest of full disclosure, I took the picture.  Also, I tried to convince Ollie and/or Andy to wear the other wig and pose.  Neither of them were having it.  Not one bit. 


jami said...

i can't quit looking at this! he is so cute, even in a silly wig! i am loving all the pictures ashley & he is getting cuter every time i see a new one!

Ashley said...

Aw, thanks Jami. We think he's awfully cute, but we're kind of biased :) I'm trying to get a picture of his big smile--it does me in every time....I might have Andy play with him until I get a picture tonight.

Snap, Crackle & Pop said...

DO IT!!!! I want to see his big smile! :) On behalf of my Pathology class, "thank you for making us laugh". Everyone agreed that he is adorable!