Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big Day Out

All right.  Before I start this, I want to let you know that I realize I am ridiculous.  I’m sure I’ll look back on this in a few months and laugh at myself…and probably even more when we have a second child.  But for now, I’m crazy excited and proud of myself.

Liam and I had our first big day out today.  We have been out to eat with Andy a few times…with my parents…and with friends from church.  But I had never attempted on my own.  We also pretty much stay home all the time.  We go meet Mandy and Ben for walks downtown, and we go to small group and church, and doctor’s appointments.  But that’s about it.  At first I wasn’t up to it, and then his stomach hurt so much that he screamed all the time, and it just wasn’t worth it.  But today we changed that. 

First, we went to Andy’s office.  His coworkers wanted to meet Liam, so we stopped by there about 11 to say hi and see everyone.  Then we met our friend Jodi for lunch at 11:30.  Honestly, I was so proud that we did a two stop trip.  I was beside myself.  And then I decided to get gutsy.  Liam only has four pairs of pajamas that fit him, which meant that I was washing his clothes AT LEAST twice a week just to have clean jams, and it seems like a waste to do that many loads of baby laundry…because his clothes are so teeny.  I had picked up a pair (the fourth pair) at Wal-Mart in their Carter’s Child of Mine brand last week, but that was all they had.  I ordered a pair from Kohls last week using some Kohls cash, but they only had one in his size..and they haven’t arrived yet.  Old Navy and Baby Gap only had 6-12 months in their cotton sleepers.  So I decided to try JC Penney.  Penney’s in town is right beside the restaurant we were in….so my gutsy move was to to go Penney’s right after lunch.  Jodi went with me in case Liam woke up and melted down, so one of us could hold him.  But he was perfect.  I found 4 pairs of his pajamas and they were on sale.  Then we made it home and he slept in his carseat for another 15 minutes until he woke up to eat. Amazeballs.  We left the house for two whole hours and lived to tell about it!!

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