Monday, July 11, 2011

Liam = Andy’s son

I have Liam’s two month post written…I just need to finish his pictures.  The camera battery died while taking them yesterday, and he’s not up to it today.  I’ll get it posted soon.

Andy’s mom has a lot of stories about Andy’s childhood.  Stories that often make me wonder how Andy ever got a little sister.  Because the stories of Andy are scary…and it’s not just his mom that tells them.  His dad.  His aunts and uncles.  Andy’s early years are the stuff of legends.  One such story is this: as a newborn, Andy was kicked out of the nursery at St. Vincent’s Hospital.  He screamed so loudly he woke up the other babies, so the nurses wheeled him to his mom’s room (his mom who was just waking up from a c-section… that she had been put under for…and who was alone at the hospital because I guess dad’s went home back in the day) and told her that he couldn’t stay in the nursery because he was too loud.  And then they left her.  With the loud, screaming baby.  Alone.  Recovering from surgery. 

When Liam was born, one of the things my mother-in-law marveled over was how quiet and sweet he was.  Clearly he was taking after his mother, not his father in this respect.  Well, it turns out our bitty boy does have his daddy’s lungs, he just likes to save them for special occasions.

Like today.  When he got his shots.  Seriously.  I thought his crying last week when his stomach hurt was loud.  Today was out of control.  He screamed and screamed and screamed.  The nurses gave him three shots and left me with the wailing baby.  No fewer than three people walked by and looked in the door as I tried to comfort him and quiet him enough to get him into his car seat.  Finally, he settled enough that we could bolt.  And we did. 

As we got on the elevator, another lady got on with us.  One that works on the same floor of the hospital, but not in the pediatrics department…so she’s kind of far away.  She looked at his whimpering, tear-stained face and asked, “Is this the baby I could hear screaming all down the hall?”

Why yes, yes it is.  Thanks for pointing it out and letting me know just how loud he was.  Really.  I so appreciate it.  I mean seriously.  Surely he's not the loudest baby to ever get shots.  Why point it out? 

Oh well.  Bitty Boy gets his lungs naturally….and frankly, I’m glad he lets us know when something’s wrong.  It makes it much easier to be his mommy that way.

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