Monday, September 8, 2008

Sweet, sweet times

We had like seriously the best weekend.

I got to do some sweet shopping with my darling second mom, and I found the perfect fabric for our living room. I'm so excited to have some time to work on my next project. I also got the cutest lamps for our bedroom at Target. They will be so sweet...especially with the picture frame I found at Meijer yesterday. (BTW--Meijer had some seriously cute stuff...I had no idea!)

Then, I got a ride up to the sweetest wedding ever. Jon and Carrie's wedding was just a real delight. It ranked up there among my favorites, which not a title I give lightly. It was very elegant and sweet, but they were the real highlight. They are just a couple that I so love, and that are so special to Andy and I. Jon has been one of my favorite people for a long time and Carrie is just too dear. I wish they lived next door to us. That would be perfect. Here are some pictures from the wedding:

Andy looks like a little Z with his beard and short hair!

Andy seriously has the sweetest friends. These men were all in Bible study together in their residence hall at some point at Purdue over the last several years. Z, in the back graduated before I started college. Steve and Blake were seniors my freshman year. Jon and Andy and Tim and JD and Colin and Blaydes were a year or two ahead of me, and Josh Weis (who I want to marry my sister) and Mikel are my age. They all bonded together in the Lord, and still keep in touch...almost daily...through an email list, and they get together once or twice a year. It's just such a special group. I doubt we'll ever experience anything else quite like it.

Hey Look! The Cooks' were there! It only took three tries to get this one!

I wish I could say that this is unusual. But then I would be lying. Andy is popular with the boys. And I do so love Blake. He and I had a wonderful chat about the chaos of my current life. I even cried a bit with him.

Steve is still single. And looking! Any takers? He's in Kansas.

And then, after the wedding, I got a sweet car ride with my husband and a visit with my parents. It was so nice to spend the night at their house and just relax with them for a few hours. And then we spent Sunday afternoon with Andy's parents again. It was seriously the best weekend I have had in a LONG time.

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Anonymous said...

Three tries? Now how can everyone going into hysterics over three tries?? Oh wait, that only happens when you hold out the camera and try to fit three people in HAHA!Not to mention the best time to do it is around 2:30am:) With lots and lots of SUGAR!!

I really love the picture...I would like a copy to put in the boys room in their picture thingie...