Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dangerous territory

I'm at Andy's parents' house, and it's a dangerous place for me to be. Not dangerous because it's bad here, but because it is oh-so-good.

I feel like it's no secret that I don't love the town we live in. It's been compounded by the things I have seen and heard in my first few weeks of school. I'm certain now that I don't want to raise my own children in that place. I'm not sure I want them to know it exists. That's a little overdramatic. I have great friends, and we love our church. But when I'm not with them, it's hard for me to be positive. I'm definitely learning a lot about patience, and about not demanding my own way. Andy is learning about sacrifice this year. So there are good things.

It's just hard to see that when I'm here. I got to eat at a restaurant last night. Not Burger King. A real restaurant where they take you to your seats, bring you drinks in real cups, and serve your food on glass dishes. And I didn't have to drive 45 minutes to experience this goodness. Today, I am going to Hobby Lobby in a completely different town (Carmel...instead of Indy) and it's only going to take 10 minutes to get there, instead of 45.

Target is only five minutes away. Not even five, really. It's a glorious thing. And I just really love being here.

Tonight, on the way home from the wedding (which is a lot north of here...about 3 hours north...5 from our house), we are going to stop in Fort Wayne to pick up something. And I am finally going to get a new pair of running shoes. I have needed a pair since last May, but we haven't been anywhere that I could get one. How crazy is that? I've been wearing shoes that tear skin off my feet because I haven't been able to get to a store.

It's relaxing when we come north. I got to lay aside the stress of this past week, and just relax. I know I'm blowing it out of proportion, because this week was a difficult one. But right now, I'm perfectly content. I have half a mind to pitch a fit and refuse to get in the car tomorrow.

I'll just stay, thanks. I have some friends in town already. I can make new pretty easily. And there are tons of churches here, I'm sure we can find a great one.

And that's why this is dangerous territory.


Anonymous said...

Umm...yeah, you need to get in the car and come on back-- I need my bible study partner and cherished friend. God works ALL things for good and He will work all this out too. I know stress levels have been crazy high and know that I am praying for you. MJ

Anonymous said...

HA! I am feeling pretty techno savvy:) Not to mention how well I followed your directions:) Lets get together soon-- I think we could both use it:)MJ

Ps. the boys really miss them some AshIley:)