Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dear September

Welcome back, September!  I’m so excited to see you.  You know you’re my favorite, right?  Because, September, when you’re here, things start to get beautiful.  August is nice.  What with all the tomatoes and peaches and the excitement of a new school year.  But August is hot.  And dry.  Okay, not as much this year, but still. 

In August, things start to turn a little bit brown.  But you, September, you bring the oranges, the yellows, the purples and the dark reds.  Mums start to come in.  Leaves start to change.  The air gets that nice little crisp feeling.  I get to dig out the sweaters (the light ones) and continue my search for the perfect riding boot (this will be the year!).  I pull out my Harvest candle from Yankee Candle, and the apple cider and pumpkin candles from Wal-Mart.  My whole house smells so delightful. 

Football season truly begins.  The apples arrive at the orchard (the cider too).  The leaves in the park start to change (though I know it’s really October who gets the glory here).  Mr. Magee and I take longs walks in the park, and hopefully down the Heritage Trail.  And it’s all so glorious. 

This September I get to go home for a weekend.  I don’t know that I’ve been home in September since I was at Purdue.  That makes this September so much cooler than the last few.  Andy will spend his Saturday mornings coaching soccer, and I intend to spend mine doing fun things—maybe checking out the farmers market, or going to the library, or starting some meals for the work week, or just catching up on sleep. 

Oh September, welcome back!



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Anonymous said...

I get to see you this month! :) That is pretty exciting because it does not happen that much.

I love you and hope school goes well.