Thursday, September 3, 2009

A long day that ends with a personal goal

Today made me tired.  The kind of tired that can only be satisfied with comfort food.  So I popped a Schwan’s chicken pot pie in the microwave, and tasted a small bit of comfort.

The pot pie and I have an interesting relationship.  I never really had them as a child, because my family never ate chicken (my dad can’t eat it)(also, as a result, I cook with chicken like 4 times a week….I think I am still just so excited to get to eat it).  I think I may have tried one at the baby-sitter’s once, but I wasn’t a fan.  Then I lived on my own at Purdue.  And I didn’t have very much money.  So I ate the Great Value or Banquet pot pies with some regularity because I could get an entire meal for 54 cents.  (It was fifty, but inflation crept in my senior year).  Then I eventually graduated to the Swanson chicken pot pies (because they tasted so much better).  Now we buy the Schwan’s every so often, because frankly, I forget to go down the freezer aisle and the Schwan’s man comes to my door.

With all that said, I am a firm believer that none of those pot pies comes close to be as good as a homemade chicken pot pie.  And so today, I vow to try to find my favorite pot pie recipe.  I’ll do some research, and choose several recipes.  Then I’ll report back and give my overall findings.  I’ll give it the Ashley Cook Seal of Approval.  So…if you know of a fabulous pot pie recipe that I HAVE to try, let me know :)

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