Friday, September 11, 2009

This is going to be one of those things we’re going to laugh about later

So…I wholeheartedly suspect that Andy and I have entered into a phase of our marriage that is going to become something that we will look back on and say, “Why did we think that was a good idea?”

Just don’t tell him I said it.

Our carpet has arrived, and should install sometime late next week.  (We think).  Our installer didn’t call yet, but he said he can usually do it about a week after it gets in.

Our furniture is being picked up this weekend, and going to it’s new home.  That should be pretty nice for painting and ripping out the current carpet.  Unfortunately, our new furniture isn’t even guaranteed to be built until the 21st.  They said it usually takes 21 days to build, but I don’t know how much to add on for delivery. 

So we shall be without furniture in the living room for at least a week and probably more.  We will be watching the season premiere of The Biggest Loser and The Office without furniture. 

This weekend, we need to paint the entire living room and hallway.  It’s a pretty big job, especially considering the other things going on.  Andy coaches his first soccer game…we have plans to watch some college football late Saturday afternoon and probably won’t be home terribly early….and then, you know, I’m a teacher…weekends are how I catch up from everything I didn’t do during the week.  I think Andy’s going to tape the walls tonight, and I’m going to prime while he’s at soccer.  Then, hopefully, we can do the first coat of paint Saturday afternoon, and a second after church Sunday.

Then, on the 25th (whether we have furniture or not), our new wood is arriving.  We will need to see if Andy’s parents can come down for a weekend, because we think we need their help with this one.  So we will be demolishing MANY layers of flooring in our kitchen, knocking out a poorly placed closet that cuts into our space, then cleaning out our crawl space, installing a new subfloor, adding the hardwood (it sounds so easy typed…), fixing the trim (because there are MANY layers of floor that may be going away), painting the walls, changing the countertop, and building an open shelving system on the wall where the closet is being knocked out.  And somehow in all of this, we still haven’t figured out where to put a dishwasher in our kitchen.

And then it’s time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 


Anonymous said...

We didn"t start out with much furniture either all hand me downs but for the dinette table and chairs they were a graduation gift from Mom and Dad. Cris only had a reclining lawn chair for several monthsin her living room. Love Grandma

Anonymous said...

Lots of work ahead ...but you will be so pleased when it is all done. I'm with grandma tho. Don't go into debt buying new things when second hand will do nicely. And she made me laugh with the reclining lawn chair in the living room line. I can just imagine it.

Ashley said...

I feel like there may be some confusion. We have already purchased all of the above and paid for it. We have been saving for this for the past several months, so there is no debt. We haven't had any debt (except our mortgage) since we paid off my student loan in December of 2007.