Thursday, September 10, 2009

An ode to Lowe’s

Oh Lowe’s, how I love thee.

You are a delightful home improvement store.

One of the few places in town with friendly and competent service.

And you have all sorts of things that make me want to spend all of my money.

And sometimes I do.

And Lowe’s, you wanted to further our relationship.

It was sweet, you know, pre-approving us for a credit card like that.

I’m sorry we had to say no.

But we’ll be back.

You know we will.

We’ll run out of paint, or need some mums.

We’ll need nails for the nail gun.

Or something I don’t even know about now.

If we tear down that wall in the kitchen, who knows what we’ll need.

If we build those shelves I am longing for, I know that we’ll be back.

Of course, now that we’ve purchased the carpet and the hardwood, I don’t know what we’ll do on dates.

Not you and me, Lowes.  We can’t date.  I’m married.

And, well, you’re a home improvement superstore.

I meant my husband and I. 

We like to hang out within your huge, gray walls.

I guess we’ll have to find a new project.

Or wait until something to break.  Our house does that, you know.

Or maybe we’ll just take a break after October’s home improvement sprint, and keep some of our money.

Until the spring, of course, because you know we love you in the spring.

To Lowe’s.  My sweet friend….the one we visit the most and spend the most time with.

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Anonymous said...

Please write an ode to ragweed, mold, weeds, so that they will go away and I can breathe and talk again!!