Sunday, August 30, 2009

No, Seriously Guys, I haven’t laughed this hard in months

That was my most oft repeated phrase yesterday. 

And it was awesome. 

I finally begged, pleaded and coerced enough

Andy and I decided late in the week that we were going to go see “Julie and Julia.” 

The closest theater to our shmucky yucky little town that was playing this delightful film was in Louisville.  Just mere minutes from our friends Jon and Carrie.  J&C (as they shall henceforth be known) have been friends of ours for many a year.  Well, mostly the J half.  He and Andy were close all through Purdue, and J was one of my top five faves of Andy’s friends (yes, I did have favorites of my husband’s college friends. No, I won’t tell you who they were…or weren’t). 

We met them at their apartment at noon, and headed out to a dismal lunch at O’Charley’s. 

I shall interject now to tell you that my husband was inadvertently called hefty on multiple occasions on Saturday.  Inadvertent Fat Andy Story 1: The waitress went to refill his soda, and asked, “It was diet, right?”  In his head, that translated to, “Hey Fatty, you should be drinking diet with all that extra heft.” 

Then we meandered Target a bit (somehow this becomes a pastime when hanging out with other couples…we’ve done it with at least two others that I can remember).  Eventually, we headed back to their apartment, where the boys played Guitar Hero and the girls chatted it up.  Finally, it was time for our movie.  And we all enjoyed it thoroughly.  I, for one, adored it. 

Lots more time passed…the Wii Fit groaned when Andy hopped on. 

He was humiliated. 

Which makes me giggle. 

Because he is like 2 pounds in the overweight category according to his BMI….but dude has some serious muscle in his upper body, so it’s not shocking that he weighs a bit more.

Eventually, it was time to go get sushi at Sapporo. 

This is where the real insanity began.  

First, as we were driving, we noticed HUGE crowds of people walking on the sidewalks.  Then, we realized a lot of them were dressed up as zombies.  Apparently, it was Zombie Awareness Day in Louisville, and large crowds of zombies gather together to march down the street.  I am so NOT making this up.  My only regret is that I didn’t have my camera.

Once we trekked through the zombies, we made it to restaurant.  It was packed, so we ended up eating at the sushi bar.  At first, I wasn’t too sure about it, but it was really kind of awesome.  We were all packed together, so we could actually hear one another over the persistent techno beat. 

It turns out that we’re not quite trendy enough for Sapporo.  But I don’t mind.  Because frankly I’m still salivating over the spicy tuna roll.  I would give up all other food on earth to eat what I ate for dinner last night.  Seriously, I can’t get it out of my head. 

And I even changed the lyrics to that Kylie Minogue song to, “I can’t get you out my head.  Sushi your taste is all I can think about.”  And sang it all afternoon.  My husband was laughing.  But I was still salivating over the awesome sushi.

Of course, my salivating caused another problem at the dinner table. 

When the sushi chef looked at our order (we had all four on one ticket) he glanced up at Andy, and asked, “Is this ALL for TWO PEOPLE”

Andy’s translation, “You are seriously going to stuff yourself that full you CENSORED BY ME

Andy then remarked that he had been called fat many a time that day.

Something about that tickled me a bit.

An entire platter of sushi containing my meal, Andy’s meal, J’s meal, and C’s meal had just been placed in the small space in front of me.

I was still eating my salad.

And I spit the salad dressing all over everyone’s sushi.

I only wish that was the first time I had spit food across a table.

Thankfully my dinnermates were awfully gracious about the spit.  And once they finished laughing, we enjoyed a lovely meal.

There was much more, but it all became the goofy stuff that’s only funny when you’re with friends.  Things like misreading neon signs (Electric Ladylard, anyone?…or perhaps the Rainbow Bosoms Food Market?") and just laughing hysterically for hours on end. 

We arrived home safely Sunday morning (it was after midnight, it was Sunday morning).

And I so want to hang out the J&C again in the VERY near future.

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