Thursday, August 6, 2009

New year, new wardrobe

In some ways, I still function like I am a student.

Not in all ways, just in some.  I still scout out the back to school supplies, and  buy some.  (I go through a lot of paper and pencils in a year…especially when I give them to irresponsible students—though I may not go through quite as much this year, since I’m making them serve a lunch detention for being irresponsible).  I would love for someone to give me a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils in the fall (why yes, I did just watch “You’ve Got Mail” the other day).  And I still do back to school shopping.  It’s a tradition that is ingrained in me: new school year, new clothes.  Basically any excuse for new clothes works for me.  Last week was the Gap Give and Get program, so I was able to get 30% off all of my purchases, and I ended up with this (I have about 18 items in my online shopping cart right now, and I work my way through them, slowly and surely..but if the sweaters at Banana Republic go on sale, I’m throwing caution to the wind):


I already have coupon codes from Ann Taylor LOFT and NY and Co. in my email for this weekend.  ATL is offering 30% off, and here’s what I have in my shopping cart:

And NY and Co. sent a coupon to get 20 dollars off of 60, so here’s how I am planning to spend that:

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