Monday, August 24, 2009

Dear Who(m?)ever

To the person from Louisville who called our house at 11:30 last night,

Really?  Do you really need to talk to someone that badly at THAT hour?  And when they don’t answer, do you really need to let the phone continue to ring for 2 solid minutes?  Did you think that was going to magically work?  My mama always told me to hang up after four.  If they don’t answer in four, they aren’t going to answer. 

But not you.  You thought 36 rings or whatever awful number that was would be so much better.  I had just fallen asleep, and you scared the bajeepers out of me.  My husband?  He doesn’t wake up for the phone.  Just me.  So when I had finally fallen asleep, you silly person from Louisville ruined it all.

You should be ashamed of yourself.  And darned glad I didn’t answer the phone last night.



(PS—This is mostly in jest.  I’m tired, but not really that hateful :))

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