Monday, August 10, 2009

Playing with pictures

So…I really want a copy of Adobe Lightroom.  Like really.  But I cannot justify buying it at the current moment (though my husband did tell me to do it).  It’s just a big purchase.  And I’m not good with big purchases.  So he’s going to have to order for me if I’m going to get it.  I can’t make my fingers click the buttons.  But I did make them click the buttons to do the FREE 30 day trial.  And I played with it yesterday.  And I had some serious fun.  I think it will be my after-school fun for the first few days of the year.  And here is a bit of what I came up with

A few wedding pictures

Copy of IMG_5244


Copy of Wedding Pictures 054

Some just for fun pictures

Copy of The Year 2009 154

Copy of The Year 2009 878

Copy of The Year 2009 505

And a few of the daughter of a friend of Andy’s from Purdue that I took last weekend

The Year 2009 1176

The Year 2009 1189

The Year 2009 1212

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