Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Last week, I started to feel kind of sick. This week, I feel like death warmed over.

On Sunday, after Sunday School, Andy had to take me home. I was, cold, nauseous, achy, sore throat and all. I never did feel better on Sunday.

On Monday, I had a conference in Indy for Academic Super Bowl coaches (why yes, I am the English ASB coach) and I made it through the day okay, but about 2, when we were getting ready to leave, the miserable headache reappeared. I pretty much spent my night doing nothing.

Yesterday was a different sort of day. I had my first observation, so I was kind of nervous. I don't know if I just wore myself out or what. It didn't help that I had been out of my room Monday, and I had a few situations to deal with. But I'll tell you what...I thought I was going to keel over at dinner last night. Andy and I went to Los Compadres (he called...and I begged to go out to eat) because we can't go to Tapatio's, because Alberto works there. Just kidding. I don't think Andy's ever been to Tapatio's. As we were eating our dinner, I started to go downhill fast. I only ate 1/3 of my meal (maybe less...which is unheard of for me). And I started to get sort of fuzzy feeling. When we got home, I laid down on the sofa and fell right to sleep. At 6:45. At 9, Andy moved me to the bed.

And now it's Wednesday, time to start a new day. I'm going to try to be a little more relaxed at school hopefully I won't knock myself out again. But I may be finding my way back to the sofa tonight. We'll see :)

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