Thursday, October 23, 2008

That's why I'm the one they laugh at

There are about a million things I could write right now. Some of them serious, some of them not. My head is running at a million miles per hour, thinking about all the things I want to pack into this short little fall break. I have about three more posts in my head, and I'm sure I'll get to them eventually, but right now, I just want to tell you about how very brilliant I am. And that's not in any way sarcastic.

Two weeks ago, I had a meeting on Wednesday, and my gas tank was empty. Like, the little man in the dashboard was ready to come out and punch me in the nose empty. So, I had all of 24 minutes to get out of the school parking lot, to the gas station, and to the meeting place. Which shouldn't be a big deal, except that it took 17 minutes to get out of the parking lot. So I was a bit...distracted...when I was pumping my gas.

The next day, my service engine light came on. I told Andy about it every day for a week and a half, until he finally took it to Auto Zone so they could plug their handy little machine in it that would tell what was wrong with the engine. A free service that I love. Except for what the little machine told me. Can you guess? I didn't screw my gas cap back on, so it was creating a vacuum and messing with my engine. I was driving around for close to two weeks with my little door closed, but no gas cap on.

Needless to say, Andy laughed at me for quite some time.

Then yesterday, a man from the water softener place came out to change a filter. I thought it was in the little softener. Turns out it was in the little faucet that I thought was broken. He looked at me funny when I told him it didn't work. He asked me if we had just moved in....when I told him we'd lived here for a year, he looked at me funnier. The little faucet was turned off, and had been for a long time. All we had to do was flip a little switch. I think he thought I was an idiot....especially after he checked the water softener and saw that it was out of salt.

Then last night, I opened the kitchen window to let out some of the smoke that was in the kitchen (I overcooked some chicken) and left it open all night long. Which is why our furnace was working overtime this morning.

I'm 0-3 on looking like I know what I'm doing this week.

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Rebecca said...

I drove about 40 miles with my gas cap on top of the bed of my truck once.

The worst was when I locked my keys in the truck at the zoo, and my parents were in a different state. Earlier that week I had told myself "I have to be really careful and make sure I don't lock my keys in the car." (had done that once before a couple years ago and Dad came to bail me out)

So I have some idea of how you feel. Things will get better :)