Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It was a case of the Mondays

Coming home Sunday night, I was all set to recount my fabulous weekend. But then, Monday hit. And I'll get back to the weekend later...like on Wednesday or Thursday. Because I'm nothing if not living a little in the past.

So, most Mondays I wake up at 5:45 am. I check my email, I read a few blogs, I have my quiet time and I get ready for school. I leave the house at about 7. It's a good system.

Until you forget to turn your alarm clock on.

Which wouldn't be a big deal, except your husband didn't turn his alarm clock on either, because he thought yours was on...and he was sleeping on the couch because he had a nosebleed that wouldn't end the night before.

So then...you wake up, and roll over. And see that the clock says 8:21!!!

And you hop out of bed and shout, because you are both late for work.

So there is much rushing and madness in the house...and you leave for work at 8:29, oh so thankful that you have a first period prep, and your classes don't arrive until 9:19.

And we'll just say things went sorta downhill from there.

I'm awfully glad it's Tuesday now. :)

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