Thursday, October 9, 2008

How old are you?

Last night, Andy and I were talking about the play Romeo and Juliet. I was telling him that we had just discussed in class the fact that we know that Juliet is only 13, and her mother tells her that she was her age when she had Juliet, making her 26 with a 13-year-old daughter.

I continued to tell him that the kids had a difficult time with that one, and that I did too...I explained to them that Juliet's mom was really just a few years older than me, and had a kid who was just a bit younger than them.

Andy said, "Right, because you're 24."

I stopped, and looked at him funny.

"I'm only 23. I won't be 24 until February."

"Wow. You are young."

Yup. Sure am. Thanks for remembering, old man.


Anonymous said...

Atleast you aren't 22 again. Maybe Andy and Mom should get together to discuss how old you are before your next birthday.

Jenna said...

That is so funny. I wish I lived in your town and could be friends with ya'll. I have a feeling we'd all laugh a lot. :) Hope ya'll are having a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hurray for being married to (or in my case, almsot married to) old men! :o)