Friday, October 31, 2008

This week and I, we weren't big fans of each other

Oh man oh man. It's 9:24 on Halloween night, and I'm thinking very seriously about heading to bed. It's been quite a week. It started with Monday and just kept going. Yesterday, it took me 45 minutes to get to work (I work approximately 14 minutes from my house), because of an I walked in just before the warning bell rang for first period. Then I have just been having really nasty headaches in strange parts of my head. And my eye was twitchy today. And my throat is raw. And I was a major discipliner today.

Okay...I'm done with complaining. Some really incredible things have happened this week too. We have gotten day after day of encouraging reports from North Carolina. Andy's Uncle Jim is recovering in some pretty incredible ways. Fifteen days ago, they were telling us he probably wouldn't live...and this week, he is moving both of his hands and feet, starting to sit up, and today he even was able to talk a little. Yesterday, he mouthed a smooch to his wife. I sat at my computer and just cried as I read that email. They moved him out of Intensive Care today, into the Progressive Care unit. The Lord is doing some seriously amazing things in his recovery--it's just so encouraging and exciting.

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