Thursday, August 21, 2008


I want to tell you a secret.

I have been asleep before 10 pm every night this week. Most of those nights were even before 9:30. I'm not sure I'm going to make it to 8:30 tonight. 5:00 might be a struggle. It's okay, though. I'm fine with it. I don't know that Andy is, but I sure am.

This has been a long week. My first full week of the school year. Just 35 more to go. It doesn't help that we've had busy nights, too.

Monday I met MJ at Tapatio's to do our Bible study together. Again, let me just say, that No Other Gods is totally rocking. It's a healthy dose of what I need in my life right now. And while we were there, Alberto, who seems to be becoming our regular waiter, told me I had pretty eyes while MJ was not there.

Thank you, Alberto. Would you like to see my wedding ring?

Just kidding. Really, I just ran out the door. And I'm kind of not joking.

Then last night we had our first soccer practice. This will be my last year of coaching soccer. I just can't muster up the stamina to continue talking and being cheerful after a whole school voice just hurts. Or the patience to teach four year olds how to stand in a line or kick a ball. I could use some serious prayers about my soccer attitude.

But tomorrow, tomorrow will be wonderful....because it's slumber party time! MJ, Christy and I are having our very own slumber party, because our husbands are going to Tennessee to see cars drive in circles this weekend. Personally, I think we have the better deal. I'd much rather have a slumber party than watch cars drive in circles....of course, Andy may disagree.

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