Friday, August 22, 2008

Poor Chicken

This is a tale of woe. A tale about a sad little chicken and his time at the Cook house.

This chicken had sat all alone up in the freezer for several weeks. He had been purchased, and placed on the meal plan many times, but was always passed over in favor of his easier to thaw cousins, the boneless, skinless breast.

Finally, though, the day arrived when the sweet little fryer was to be cooked. The gentlemen of the house had requested that his wife make his favorite, chicken and chorizo quesadillas, for dinner the next night. The lady of the house obliged, thinking it would be much easier for her if the chicken was cooked when she arrived home, thus saving her some time in the evening.

So she pulled our young hero out of the freezer, and left him on the counter to thaw. She asked her loving husband to put him in the refrigerator before he went to bed, because she was going to bed at that moment.

The sweet chicken sat on the counter, waiting and waiting to be put away. Alas, the gentlemen of the house had forgotten. But it was okay. He was really, really frozen.

The next morning, the lady discovered the chicken on the counter and realized what had happened. She checked the chick, and discovered he was still cold, and even somewhat frozen. She intended in that moment to put the chicken into the crock pot, and start him cooking for the day.

But she was running late. In fact, she was already late for a prayer meeting. So she asked the gentlemen of the house to put the chicken in the crock pot. He agreed.

And so our poor chicken continued to sit.

Many hours later, the lady of the house called her husband. It was then that he informed her that he had forgotten about the chicken, that it hadn't been started until much later in the morning. And then, when he had arrived for his lunch a few hours later, the lid of the crock pot had come unsealed.

And so, our poor chicken continued to sit and sit and wait and wait to be properly cooked.

Poor chicken.

He may never be dinner now.


Anonymous said...

Throw that bird away he has been left too long and stick to chicken tenders and chicken breasts they are quicker and do not require thawing easier for two people regardless of the age! Gram

Ashley said...

Grandma, we didn't eat him. It was too much...too, too much. I like using the whole chicken because it's cheaper, and easy to do in the crock pot...and I can get a few meals out of him. But this one had to go.