Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Maybe next week...

So, my mom came down yesterday to help me prepare my classroom for the school year. But we ran into a little problem.

This is what my classroom looked like.

Those desks aren't supposed to be there...I'm supposed to have new desks that have computers in them.

Oh....and those ceiling tiles. They are on the floor. You mean they're supposed to be in the ceiling? Weird.

And here is what all of the storage space in my room looks like.
Those are the old textbooks.
The boxes on top are the new ones. That I need to number and stamp. And record and stuff.

There's my mama, and my desk, and my...ladder. I'll be teaching from that. Just kidding. I'd fall off it and break something.

And here's inside my desk. See that cabinet in a desk? I think this desk was used as a tank in WWII. It makes me giggle bunches. Oh, and those aren't my binders. Or my Pink Panther.

And basically the whole school looked like that.

And they may not have it all done by next week. I heard a rumor that we could be without air conditioning for the first two weeks of the year.

Did I mention that I sweat like mad for the 30 minutes I was upstairs? It was like 85 degrees or higher in my room.

Hello, Water Bottle!

And...I might need a few new outfits for the super hot days. Because I doubt they'll let me wear my birthday suit.

On the bright side, I have this week pretty much off. On the not so bright side, next week is going to be busy. Seconds after we left the building, my mom called my dad to ask if he can come help me next Tuesday and Wednesday. Because my first teacher day is Thursday. And students come to school on Friday.

But I did get to have fun with my mom. I bought lots of fun stuff for my classroom. She bought me a fancy pencil sharpener. We ate yummy tomato basil pizza, looked up stuff on the internet, watched CSI (she knew what happened on every episode that was on....which CRACKED me up), and hit the town running this morning. After we woke up. At 10:00. I'm pretty sure my mom has never slept until 10 in my entire life. And it's been months since I have. It was crazy.

But it was a good two days. Now I'm off to do something. I'm not sure what.


Jenna said...

My oh my! That is crazy!!!! Good luck with getting it done, you'll be in my thoughts! And what a sweet mama for coming to help you!

Shannon said...

Oh Ash... I know how you feel. My classroom was left about the same way, only with manipulatives everywhere, and filing cabinets (plural) worth of the last teachers junk. She left everything there... and had been there for ages... and the air conditioning- my room specifically did not have it random Mondays for the first two months of school... in Aug... 115+ degrees... We got nothing done. (The new math teacher had the same situation Monday, which was their first day.) It's fun setting up a new class though. I made it, so I'm sure you can. :)