Friday, July 31, 2009

Things I am Excited About :)

I should so be packing right now.  Probably even leaving.  But I’m lacking motivation.  I am heading out the door to Louisville this evening.  Every year, Andy and the men he was in Bible study with at Purdue have a gathering and spend the weekend together.  It’s a time for them to meet up, hang out, and encourage one another.  I love it.  I think it’s fantastic.  They have an email list, and email each other daily about everything under the sun, but their yearly gathering is something they all look forward to each summer.  A few years ago, some of the wives decided to have a wives gathering while the menfolk do their thang.  So that’s where I’m headed.  Eventually.  After I pack.  And go to the bank.  And buy cake mixes and frosting.  And figure out how to get home on Sunday, since the bridge that connects my town to Kentucky will be closed down. 

But I wanted to give you a quick list of things I am getting excited about (because I have been awfully morose lately, and need a good kick in the pants)

1) Starting a new school year.  I love fresh starts.  A new year is a new chance.  And I’m so excited about it.

school_clipart_books2)The movie Julie and Julia (Andy and I both totally adore Amy Adams)


3) The movie Post-Grad (I so love Alexis Bledel….I will adore Rory Gilmore until my dying day)

4) Our tickets to Broadway Across America arriving

5) Going to IKEA next weekend

April08 127

6) My new favorite hang-out time with Andy: watching Netflixed episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” (we’re also big Alyson Hannigan fans—I think we like actresses who can do adorable) while drinking wine on the living room floor (I’m also a fan of ordering pizza and watching HIMYM)

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