Monday, July 27, 2009

Mucho Exciting on a Monday Morning

Guess who just purchased season tickets to Broadway Across America in Louisville?

If you guessed me, you are so correct!

I had glanced through the Louisville, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati tickets (the only perk to living where I do…all three cities are pretty close) and could not stop drooling over the lineup in Louisville.  I have been talking about it for WEEKS.  And Andy finally gave me the okay to order the tickets.  So I did.  And I am thrilled.  Our first show is in October, and we will be seeing “A Chorus Line.”  The other four regular show are “White Christmas,” “The 39 Steps” (which is a Hitchcock thriller said to have a bit of Monty Python mixed in…and totally sounds right up Andy’s alley), “Legally Blonde,” and “Jersey Boys.”  Also, I can special order tickets to Wicked, because it’s coming to Louisville, just not as a regular season show.  It’s a “special” and has to be ordered separately.  I looked at it today, though, and I can definitely get the tickets for SERIOUSLY LESS than they were going for in Indy last spring.

Now I have to start convincing him that we should get the Purdue football “Gridiron Gold Pack” and go to three games this year.

Now I’m off to paint many, many walls!

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