Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Planning a New Room

Andy and I were talking last night, and I think I have officially decided to put off the bedroom for a little bit longer.  I don’t want to rush my mom (my expert sewer), and I have a lot of little things I can work on and keep stored until we’re really ready to do that room.  We have too many house projects and not enough time and/or money to do them all.  We do have a list, but things seem to get switched around on the list fairly often. 

As of a long late-night conversation last night, we have decided on our next project.  I am getting my own office space.  In the spare bedroom.  Because I’m too cluttery during the school year :)  Basically, Andy really can’t handle having stacks and piles of papers all over the place, and I’m an English teacher…so I bring home stacks and piles of paper every.single.day.  So we are going to work to alleviate some stress in our marriage by giving me a space of my own to be cluttered and have piles of paper behind a closed door.  So in four weekends, (the first available weekend….and the weekend before school starts) we are going to IKEA to buy my new desk and chair and a few other odds and ends.  I am so excited!

Now all I have to do is clear out all the crap that is in that room and get it thrown away and/or donated.

The bedding in that room is already yellow and green, so I’m going to stick with that, and maybe toss in a few colors in artwork/accent pieces.  I am going to change out the ribbon on the curtains to a yellow/white polka dot.  We are going to move Andy’s dresser over (it matches the bed in that room, anyway) and I want the television (it’s currently on top of the dresser)….so I can go back to my college habits of watching Gilmore Girls while I work…or, you know, on those days when I have essays to grade and I need to watch Sweet Home Alabama 3 times, I can do it in there and not use the big tv. 

I am going to have this desk (but I think I’ll get it in white…I can’t decide…anyone want to make a suggestion?  Is it too Purdue to go with the black desk and yellow chair?):

And this chair (Andy broke my current chair….it’s miserable to sit in)

And I have some really sweet artwork that I have been looking at on Etsy (and they are fabulous and sweet and whimsical and so dear)…so I may order that late this week or early next.  I’ll post pictures as soon as it is finished :)  So give me until about August 15.

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