Monday, July 13, 2009


We are home again. And I think my summer "break" is going to take place this week. Officially, I am doing nothing productive this week. I am going to paint my nails, read books, and do a few things around the house, but for the most part, nada. Well, nada + a new diet and exercise plan to meet some fitness goals and start a new habit before school starts. I realized that school starts in just under a month, and it made me infinititely sad. My sweet friend Hannah is coming to visit next week for the first half of the I'm officially waiting until after Hannah's visit to do anything school related. Then I'll kick it into gear. I have a whole lot to write about--everything I listed before, plus a recap of this past weekend, because I want to write it all down to remember. Grandma Doe's funeral was possibly the most beautiful service I have ever been to...with the most miserable weather. It was a sweet time with my family, and I want to remember it.

I do have a few goals for the rest of the summer (some are serious, others just goofy):
--Work on bedroom redo (this may not get finished....there are a lot of pieces that have to work's sewing, I need to find a dresser I can afford, etc.)
--Repaint office, work on redo
--Visit the JC Penney at the Mall at St. Matthews in Louisville so I can see if the red sofa is the one I want
--Get school stuff started and my room in order
--Have a workout routine pretty well down when the school year starts and stick with it
--Find some new dresses that will work for the hot weather of August/Sept. and that I can accessorize differently for cooler weather
--Convince Andy that we DESPERATELY need season tickets to Broadway Across America in Louisville......DESPERATELY....and then get them ordered
--Watch as many episodes of "How I Met Your Mother" and CSI:NY as I can Netflix
--Finish the guestroom, consider having it double as my office....that would be good during the school year
--Convince Andy that we need to the the Cirque show in Bloomington in December
--Pick up some new wine glasses....I can't seem to find mine, and I need them

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Go all white. mom