Thursday, February 26, 2009

Off week

So, I started this week behind.  And it's gotten worse with each passing day.  And I'm sick-like.  Which makes it worse.  Last Thursday and Friday, all of my students took a two-day essay test, which meant that I had approximately 200 essays to grade.  (really more, because 3 classes had to write four separate essays).  Can I let you in on a little secret?  My students don't really know how to write.  A few do, but most don't.  They don't really follow any of the directions I give them, which makes grading even more difficult.  I can grade a good essay in under a minute.  The bad ones take a long time.  Needless to say, going to Indy to pick up Keegan took away my Friday/Saturday work time, and I got very little accomplished.  Add to that the illness that set it on Sunday, and you can see where we are. 

I finished first period's pile on Sunday.  It took me all day, because I kept coughing, sneezing, and falling asleep.  Then I finished second period on Tuesday night.  Again, sore throat, achy limbs, and itchy eyes impeded my progress.  Last night, I had a fever and needed some rest.  I didn't even go to Bible Study, I was so miserable.  That was really sad for me--I look forward to that time all week.  And Kay always brings a good was so upsetting to miss.   After resting awhile,  I tried to tackle some of the other things I needed to grade (because I have A STACK O' PAPERS to get through that aren't essays).  I got through fifth period's hw from yesterday.  And fell asleep.  This progress, it's coming slowly.  I saw that the Hallmark Channel is running a marathon of the "Love Comes Softly" movies.  I loved those books in junior high--I think I read everything Janette Oke had written up to that point in a matter of two years.  So if you need me Saturday, I'll be watching the Hallmark Channel and grading papers.  In my pajamas.

A huge part of me wants to stay home today.  I still feel rotten, I'm not totally convinced my fever is gone, and I can't swallow.  Plus, I have hours and hours and hours of grading to finish.  But then I remember that I have a school-wide survey to administer today, and it's during my "wound-up" class.  The one I threatened to breathe on if they didn't shape up.  And I wouldn't wish that on anyone.  Truly, I don't feel like I can leave for a day because that class is such a handful, and they eat substitutes alive.  It's more of a mess for me to handle when I return.  Oh well, the new trimester starts next Friday--hopefully my class mixes will be better this time around!  Maybe I'll be willing to use a personal day for the first time all year :)

Another secret--there is one thing I really dislike about my job.  Well, it is sort of a combination of things.  First, I am the only ninth grade English teacher.  So if there are students that are more difficult for me to appreciate, I know early in the year that I am  with them for the rest of the year.  Second, ninth grade English is the only class that meets all year.  So I'm with them for 74 minutes a day, 180 days.  Which is a lot o' time.  Third, several of my more difficult students have also found my class to be difficult (um, or they just haven't attempted to do anything) so they'll be back next year.  Which means I will get another 180 days with them. 

Summer, come quickly.

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