Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Keegan's Visiting

Hi Peeps!!!  This is Keegan!!!  I am visiting Andy and Ashley!  I have been here since Saturday!  I am having so much fun, but I miss my Mommy!  I hope she comes home soon!

I am kind of spoiled, and Andy and Ashley know that, so it's been fun!  Andy laid down a towel on the back of the sofa and opened the curtain so I could sun myself!  Ashley took a nap with me on Sunday!  I tried to kick her off the sofa, but she scooted me!  Sorry about the exclamation points!  That's just how I roll!  Always excited!  always exclaiming!

Since I've been here, Ashley keeps pulling out these stacks of paper and writing all over them in red pen.  It seems like there are  a lot of them!  It makes her eyes all red and bleary and Andy keeps telling her she looks exhausted!  Andy keeps talking about some stuff I don't understand, but they both seem excited about it!

Yesterday, Ashley took me for a walk!  I kept trying to introduce myself to the neighbors, but she wouldn't let me!  Then, this weird furry thing started to bark and howl at me, but I ignored him.  I don't know why it thought I would want to say hi to it!

All right, peeps!  That's all for now!  Byyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS--here's me at my own house

New Camera 011

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