Monday, February 9, 2009

It was so good, I'm still worn out.

This weekend was pretty much the greatest.  Ever.  Period.  End of story.

The greatest.

Friday I had my sweet date with Andy, and then Saturday was my 24th birthday.  I'm feeling kind of old and grown up right now.  I'm not sure what I'll do about 25 next year.  It's almost too much to bear.

We met my parents and my sister and her new friend in Indy for lunch.  And it was an all-around good time.  We ate at P.F. Changs, which is a place I totally adore, but they had never been to before.  So it was fun and exciting.  Andy was rocking the heck out of funny while we were there.  I brought it with a few classy classroom stories.  I may or may not have cracked some seriously inappropriate jokes about Mom's school.  And I may or may not have told my dad he couldn't use the restroom without permission or an escort from the office.  Sometimes I get confused and forget where I am.  Or maybe I don't really, and I'm just a goofball.  It's one of the two.  Anyway, we finished dinner with an impromptu photo session in the parking lot as I opened my birthday gifts and we chased tissue paper across the windy parking lot.  I have not uploaded said photos yet, and don't feel like going to the living room to get the camera, so just pretend you see them.  Mom and Dad got me the new Barefoot Contessa cookbook, a necklace, 2 bottles of olive oil and 2 pie plates.  I so love the way Mom throws lots of random things in a bag and makes it a gift.  Lauren got me an earring and necklace set and a photo album to be filled soon.  Both were super sweet!

Then we went to Andy's parents house for a few hours...and they totally spoiled me too.  A very generous check and a teacher Willow Tree angel.  THEN we met Lauren and Jeff at The Flying Cupcake...another cupcakery!  It was way cute inside...but the cupcakes weren't NEARLY as good as the ones in Carmel last week.  So when I move to Indy, I'll be ordering my cupcakes from the bakery in Carmel.  It was such a blast to just sit inside that sugary sweet bakery and catch up with them.  Andy made fun of me.  And then I made fun of him.  Or maybe I started it.  I don't really remember.  I just know there was much making fun.  And Lauren gave me the CUTEST green and yellow quilt for our guest bed.  I made the bed with it first thing when I got home last night.  It's super cute.  I need to get a new pillowcase, but as soon as I do, I'll post pictures. 

Then we went and spent many an hour at Target...which was just delightful.  I got a new purse...and a new mascara that I'm totally in love with.  Lauren and I imaginary dressed our future children in the baby department.  Also, I had no idea there were so many choices for training potties.  Seriously.  LOTS of potties.  THEN we met Margo and a friend of hers at UNO and had the best pizza ever.  AND EVEN MORE FUN.  Seriously.  It was all too much.  And Margo gave me the cutest apron.  It's adorable.   It was such an incredible blessing to spend a few hours with LAUREN AND MARGO.  On the same day!!  It's been too long.  It's always too long.  Because I feel like we never get out of town.

Yesterday we had lunch and dinner with Andy's grandpa--who slipped me a card with my gift addressed to "#14" since I was his 14th grandchild...and first grandchild-in-law.  He had my name on it too.  He's just the sweetest.  We went car shopping (Andy's parents are buying a new Impala) and just hung out and went to church and it was just the sweetest day.  When we arrived back in town last night, Andy turned to me and said, "I'm not going to miss this place when we move."

And that's the moral of this story.  Awesome weekend=we are so ready to move.  I don't know when it will happen, but I eagerly await the day!

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