Sunday, February 1, 2009

So long, January!

After a week of being snowed and iced in, it was time to get out.  January brought us a lot of this

New Camera 180  New Camera 191

so I wasn't too sad to see it go.

We hit the road yesterday, to star in our very own version of "The 31st of January" a new production seen only yesterday.  Here's the cast of characters:

This guy, who has been known to cheese for a camera a time or two:

New Camera 210

This guy, who wasn't too fond of the camera:

New Camera 218

This girl, whom I love:

New Camera 214

And this girl, who gets irritated when her husband has the camera:

New Camera 242

We met the sweet Mariah and Kory at Carrabba's in Carmel, a restaurant that I believe could single-handedly feed an entire third world country with the food they fed us yesterday.  I had bread AND soup AND cannelloni AND it was all INCREDIBLE.  We had a blast just hanging out and chatting.  For reals.

Then, we decided to try to find a cupcakery (get it, cupcake bakery=cupcakery) that I had just seen on a blog that very morning, that was supposed to be very nearby.  (Not the cupcakery that I'm going to next weekend....they are two very different places...I'll compare the two next weekend)  So we set out.

And we went up and down the street twice, looking and looking and trying to find this place.  We nearly got into a few accidents, and tempers may have flared (mine).  Kory then texted Google to find the location, and put the address into his GPS.  And we passed it a few more times.  So finally, he called (using the phone number Google had given him--hello, technology, you can totally be my friend) and the sweet Karen gave us directions.  We had passed it like six times.  Because Holy Cow, Cupcakes!, it's attached to a gas station.  Like this:

New Camera 216    


To the right, that's a Crystal Flash (I think?).  Who knew?  Certainly not us.  But we were rewarded for our search.  With this pretty pink box

New Camera 205

and these yummies inside (which were INCREDIBLE)

New Camera 207New Camera

And aren't we glad the cupcakery was attached to a gas station...because as we sat in the car, watching the guys at the service station next door change tires and smoke, we really needed some milk.  So into the convenience store for milk Kory went!  And we cheered!  Okay, we didn't really cheer...but we did enjoy our milk.  And then we finished our visit with pictures, as anyone who has ever spent any time with Mariah knows.  The only thing missing from this day was Shannon.  Because a picture of the two of us just isn't the same as all three!

New Camera 220

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