Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wickedly Funny

Andy and I are looking at tickets for Wicked in June in Indy.  Like the day after Lauren’s wedding.  In my ideal weekend, we would spend Saturday night in WL, sleep in, go to brunch, and go to the 1:00 show.  I think I’ll order the tickets in a few weeks.  Since my last school day is the 5th, it’ll be a perfect way to start off summer—the wedding of one of my favorites, and my favorite musical (Andy’s too…I don’t he’d mind me telling you that he ADORES Wicked…we saw it in Chicago for my 21st birthday).  Tonight, we’re listening to the soundtrack, and discovering something funny happened in transferring my iTunes files.  Apparently some of my songs multiplied like rabbits, because I have five copies of every song on the Wicked soundtrack.  Three of every song on RENT. Three of Relient K.  Man, I haven’t listened to those in years.  Two and three of a few others.  So the same song will play over and over and over again unless I click off.  It’s seriously cracking me up.  Andy has no idea what caused it.  But I can listen to Wicked for HOURS if I want to :)

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