Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Weekend in Which I learned many things

Andy Cook and I were in Indianapolis this weekend. I have recently discovered that sometimes I call my husband Andy Cook becuause our sweet little friend Trevie calls him by his full name. This weekend, while in Indianapolis, much fun ensued. I got some new pants that fit (my other ones were falling off of me). Now I have these:

Now, I will tell you that I am very much excited about my new things, but that's not the important part. The important part is what I learned about Andy Cook this weekend. My husband is a complete and total packrat. And his clutter makes my skin crawl. And he's a huge dork. He went through his old closets and drawers at his parents house, and I'd like to give you a highlight reel of the things we found. Sadly, I left my camera here this weekend, because this would be SO much better with visuals.
--A Mr. Lawnmower business card (his first business, started at age 13, a homemade business card--and it had Brittany AND Sarah's phone numbers. I suggested we call them up and see if they were interested in a closet cleaning party)
--Every single paper cup from a cup tower we made in Freiburg in 2005. They had phrases on them where everyone had written a way they had seen God's faithfulness during our time there
--His tenth grade student id
--Every birthday card he was given from birth to ?
--54 VHS tapes with DragonballZ episodes taped from Cartoon Network ( I nearly keeled over at this one)
--A bag full of Pogs. Does anyone remember Pogs?
--Lots of bullets. Lots and lots of bullets. Truly. I don't know.
--His schedule from his first semester at Purdue.
--All of the Engineering 106 books from his first semester at Purdue. He was in that class 2 weeks.
--A small knife/sword that has a dragon on it.
And there was so much more. He threw away one bag worth of stuff. I promise you that I will take pictures when he finally cleans it out for real. It's good stuff.


Rebecca said...

And when you're done, can you help me with my packrat-ism too? Seriously, most of the stuff on that list I have my own versions of too:

-all my high school IDs
-every birthday/Christmas/etc. card I've personally received
-notes from the majority of high school and college classes I've ever taken, plus a workbook or two from before that...
-schedules from Lord only knows what all institutions
-All the textbooks I ever couldn't sell at the bookstore

Thankfully, I never had any pogs, because if I ever did, I would still have those too...

It's a disease.

Anonymous said...

After completing Andy's closet, you may start on yours at home in Warren.