Thursday, March 19, 2009

Apparently I meant way later

I have to keep my secret just a little bit longer. Mr. Cook has requested that I not reveal until after my parents have been here this weekend. He wants to see if they notice our "secret project." I'm certain that they will. It's so totally obvious. Mom guessed it's related to the toilet tonight....because she's brilliant like that. I still haven't taken pictures off my camera yet, either, because I'm lazy. So it looks like I'll be recapping three weekends in one this weekend.

Truly, that's fine by me. Not a lot is happening, but a lot is happening. Confusing enough? I've sort of hit a wall these past two weeks. I'm exhausted.

Like, more exhausted than I've ever felt before.

It's been a struggle to get out of bed every morning this week....I've literally been coaxing myself out of bed by repeating, "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength...even getting out of this bed." Then when I get home, it's all I can do to get dinner on the table (or floor, since we have been eating most of our meals on the living room floor) and get myself to the sofa. I have a stack of stuff to grade, but I can't bring myself to look at it. I just want to go to bed. Andy has been doing some outside work, so he's been busy...which is probably good, because I wouldn't be good company.

So my spring break plans: SLEEP. And lots of it.

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