Thursday, November 6, 2008

You learn something new every day

Sometimes it's a good thing.

Sometimes it's a bad thing.

Today, there were a lot of bad things. But there was one pretty funny thing. Did you know that it's possible to burn something inside a crock pot? I had no idea. But I totally did it. I put three chicken breasts in to cook this morning...and I put them on high! I have no idea why I did that. But they were dried out and stuck to the bottom of the crock. Is that called a crock? That sounds, what a crock! Crock on! Crock out!

And that's why my students look at me funny and shake their heads on a daily basis. They have no idea what to do with such a quirky teacher.

Wait till I tell them to Crock On! tomorrow :)

EDITED TO ADD: I totally told my fifth period class to crock on. They told me I was a dork. Third period informed me that I burned my chicken to the pot, not the crock. Who knew? I was able to turn the whole story into a teaching moment--I retold them the story using all ten of their vocabulary words as a review before they took their quiz :)


Anonymous said...

I laughed and covered my face for you when I read this. I do love you very much, though.

Anonymous said...

??? Did you know that when you put eggs on stove and forget them eventually they will explode in to minute particules!

Anonymous said...

I could just imagine you saying this to your class! haha! I'm sure you are their favorite teacher!