Monday, November 24, 2008

Just another Manic Monday

I have to say, my days know how to hit me in the gut in style.  I've been feeling on the verge of the stomach flu for a day or two, so I have sort of stopped eating.  I felt kind of sickly this morning, but not enough to justify taking the day off.

I wish I had.

But it's good that I didn't.

I got to school early (an hour and twenty minutes before the day started, early).  I had some serious photocopying to get done, and I didn't want to wait in line.  Of course, the copier wouldn't work for me.  As usual.  It kicked into gear later, but it was just enough to start me off feeling a little agitated.

Then my classes started.  And they were pretty rotten.  I have a lot of the same kids, but the mixing is really bad.  All of my classes are very talkative and pretty disrespectful.  I think I'm going to have to write several up early on to get things under control.

Then, during second period, my department chair ran over to let me know that she needed to see me right away.  It turns out, I hadn't posted my grades correctly (I only did the first half, not the second) and all of my grades were showing up as invalid.  So I had to go back and hand average the first six weeks, second six weeks and final exam grades for all of my kids and manually enter them.  When she told me that, I stood in her office and cried.  As she had a class in the room.  As I needed to walk back to my room and teach my own class.  So I spent my entire prep period (where there is another teacher teaching a class in my room) doing that.  Thankfully, at the exact moment I was starting to average the grades together, another teacher sent out an email with an Excel spreadsheet he had created that would do that for you, in case anyone wanted to double check their averages.  This saved me seriously hours of work.

The rest of the day was fairly mediocre.  The kids are upset because their class t-shirts haven't arrived yet.  I must admit, I'm upset too.  I placed the order in time, but the store is running behind.  They are supposed to be wearing them tomorrow, but they haven't come in yet.  I keep hoping they'll call me tomorrow, so I can pick them up and the kids can wear them Wednesday, on "red, white and blue" day.

So...yeah.  I had sort of a rough start to this short week.  Here's to hoping tomorrow gets better!

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